Visitor Attractions, Local Information, and Community Advocacy in San Juan (Condado), Puerto Rico.

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Bicycle Rental

Rent a premium 21-speed comfort-hybrid bicycle at BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO, located in the CTC. Great bikes for everyone.

Kayak Rental

Rent a single (1-person) or tandem (2-people) kayak at CONDADO KAYAK RENTAL, located in the CTC. Fun casual kayaking in Condado.

La Ventana al Mar Park

Were located between La Ventana Al Mar Park and the Condado Lagoonat 18 Cll Marseilles. Walk or drive past the Comfort Inn (on your right) and veer-left at the lagoon, last business on the left. 

Things to Do in San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Beach Life in Condado

Atlantic Beach (aka Condado Beach) is behind the Marriott, and La Venta al Mar is behind the La Concha. The water is always warm, and it’s awesome for body surfing and people watching.

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