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Cleaning the Condado Lagoon

Read why we clean and care for the Condado Lagoon, at "Jessa's Landing".

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon in San Juan, PR

What is “Jessa’s Landing”?

Jessa Ann was my daughter. She died at age 27, after complications and infection related to her second lung transplant. 

It is in her spirit that I try do good. One example is cleaning the Condado Lagoon.

You can find out facts about the Condado Lagoon itself on this website, however the Calle Marseilles entrance is special to me. 

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon is a meditation and a dedication to my daughter, Jessa. We clean it, paint over any grafitti, provide and empty a trash can, and clean glass out of the water daily. 

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon

Mark Derho and Josh Ortiz paint Jessa’s Landing at the Condado Lagoon.

Mark Derho & crew will be painting over this graffiti.

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon means painting over graffiti, and who the heck is “Pretty Ballads”? Clearly a menace to the community. Graffiti is not art, it is ugly and a crime. Graffiti will not be allowed to exist at Jessa’s Landing in the Condado Lagoon.  As a crimegraffiti is the damage to property caused by: spraying, writing, drawing, marking a property without consent.

cleaning the condado lagoon mark derho

Mark Derho & crew place the Puerto Rico flag platform at the Condado Lagoon. 

mark make pr flag platform at condado lagoon

Mark Derho and crew are cleaning the Condado Lagoon daily and removing broken glass from the water. 


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18 Calle Marseilles
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

Kayaking in the Condado Lagoon

Were located between La Ventana al Mar Park and Condado Lagoonat 18 Calle Marseilles. Walk or drive past the Comfort Inn (on your right) and veer-left at the lagoon, CONDADO TOURISM CENTER is the business on the left past the Ritz condominium. 

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