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What’s happening in Condado, Puerto Rico?

CONDADO BLOG by Mark Derho

By Mark Derho

Hello, my name is Mark Derho, and I’m the owner-operator of the CONDADO TOURISM CENTER I’d like to welcome you to San Juan, Puerto Rico, if you’re here as a visitor. If you live in Puerto Rico, I’m happy to share your island, as my home.

CONDADO is a tourism-centric suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Condado is a beachfront and lagoon community. The CONDADO TOURISM CENTER website also feature free local information, and, San Juan bicycle rental, and Condado Lagoon Kayak and Paddle Board rental.

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon

Cleaning the Condado Lagoon Read why we clean and care for the Condado Lagoon, at “Jessa’s Landing”. Cleaning the Condado Lagoon in San Juan, PR

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Kayaks were invented by the native Inuit, Aleut, and Yup’ik people of Arctic North America. Often referred to as “Eskimos,” these indigenous people live in modern day Greenland, Canada, and Alaska

History of Kayaking

History of Kayaking The history of kayaking dates back at least 4,000 years. Introduction to the History of Kayaking Kayak means “hunter’s boat”. Kayaking is

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CTC is home to BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO, San Juan’s #1-rated 5-Star Bike Rental Business, according to Google. The website is #1-rated by reviews and #1-ranked on Google search, so… super easy to find. Just “Google”, “bike rental” when you’re in San Juan to find us first. 

CTC presents CONDADO KAYAK RENTAL, our newest offering. We’re within sight of the Condado Lagoon and feature premium Sit-on-top Kayaks for single, tandem and triple-persons watersports. And, we also have stand-up paddle boards (or SUP’s) too.

This 1,100 square foot Tourism and Technology Center is ideally located just steps from our entrance to the Condado Lagoon, as well as around the corner from the Condado Lagoon National Park, and the entrance to the safe and scenic oceanfront car-free bike path to Old San Juan. Additional nearby landmarks include La Ventana Al Mar Park, La Concha Resort and Ashford Ave., and around the corner from Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn Express.   

We have a bathroom for guests, a limited amount of free parking for rental customers, a free bottled water (or purified refill) for rental customers, and a hose ran outdoors for washing-off or just cooling-off after kayaking or biking. 

And as if that were not enough, we provide a Last Day Luggage Storage service. If you are checking out of your hotel or AirBNB in the morning and your flight leaves in the evening, you can store your luggage securely at the CTC for a small fee, and up until 7pm.

So WOW you say, but…

You’re right, I have a modern Selfie Station Photo Booth in the store, with a Puerto Rico-themed set, and props too. Capture your spirit and save the fun to share on Facebook and Instagram, with a click!

King's Holiday or Christmas

ho ho ho!

CONDADO TOURISM CENTER is open everyday during Christmas Holiday, and during the 10-day Puerto Rico Three King’s Holiday. Please call for reservations or book online as we may not be open all-hours during the holiday season. 

Christmas and Three King's Holiday in puerto Rico

Let’s celebrate.

Special HOT Group Offer

Christmas Season is HOT in PR, and so our special offers and discounts for pre-planned groups of 6-persons or more, or for specific Partner Hotel guests!


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